I am a free and sovereign being. My energy is mine to control.

We’re living in a free will universe, nothing that goes against it can persist. This is why we’ve been bamboozled into giving away our free will, through manipulation, gaslighting and a limited image of who we are as human beings. We’ve been made to believe we need to obey whatever our governments and other so-called authorities tell us to do. This is an illusion. Our free will is key in order to restore sovereignty.

This sign is a contract breaker. It assists you in making you aware of contracts, tech, implants, chords, archons, egregore entities and portals that need to go. It also helps you to break any kind of (subconscious) contract that needs to be broken in order for you to see clearly where you are still agreeing to things that do not serve you, humanity and the planet.

In what areas are you still agreeing to things you don’t actually agree with? Are you ignoring the constant communication through your body system, in order to go through with something that is not aligned with who you really are? It’s time to pay attention to every and any kind of contract you agreed to, knowingly and un- knowingly, and decide whether you want it to stay or go. We have agreed to all kinds of contracts binding us to being a limited ver- sion of ourselves, and of humanity as a whole. This happens on a micro scale with ourselves, with beliefs that you have to do all kinds of things for others in order to be worthy or that you have to keep everybody happy (but yourself). On a macro scale this happens by programming us into believing we need to work hard in order to deserve food and a roof over our heads, but also obeying authority figures, not trusting your instincts, the belief that you just have to do certain things even though you don’t like it and so on.
Use the divine power of no. Say no to whatever is not right for you. Stop doing things that don’t serve you, humanity and/or the planet as a whole. You don’t have to know whatever comes next. Start exercising your free will more and more, and you’ll find that the universe will have your back.