I’m easily able to discern what is in resonance with my being.

Raising your frequency seems to be the current advice in this tumultuous world. But it is not you ‘raising your frequency’, it is the programmed part of you that is entangled with the old system that attempts to do so. Truly raising your frequency is an automatic process, overseen by your source connection.

This sign heightens your sense of your frequency band- width. You may notice you can sense the frequency of things around you, even other people around you. This helps you in discerning what helps you and what doesn’t. Everything that resonates is for you. Everything that doesn’t, is not.

All you need to do in order to have a spontaneous raising of your frequency happen, is to purify the more dense layers of your frequency field. This means allowing everything inside you to come up and out, especially the stuff you don’t want to feel. Fear, anxiety, rage, sadness are all lower frequency emotions. The emotional baggage you haven’t processed from the past (including your ancestral baggage), needs to come up and flow through your system in order to be released. This makes the ‘lower bar’ of your frequency bandwidth come up in frequency, which makes your experience here on earth more enjoyable. This could also result in a raise of the ‘higher bar’ of your frequency, but this doesn’t matter. It matters that you will start feeling lighter, more joyful and happy because you are clearing out everything that makes you heavy. Just follow what resonates, and leave the rest.