I allow every emotion to come up to be processed through my body system.

Everything is already here. There’s no need to hyperfocus on something you want to create. To dream into life what you wish to experience, it is important to deal with everything you don’t want to feel. Facing the things that frighten you, the old woundings and unprocessed trauma, will allow these things to then leave your field, ushering in more ease and new possibilities.

This sign helps you dive into the dark, hidden, lower parts of your frequency spectrum so you can clear those out of your system. When you feel more familiar with this sign you will see a lighter pattern forming and dreams and wishes come to you more easily and from purity.

Attracting what you need will always happen, just not always in the way you expect. Within the manifestation world there are common misconceptions about your emotional states. Negative emotions are supposedly a no-go area if you want to attract good things. But this is not correct. We need to feel our negative emotions in or- der to process them so we attract from our purity instead of our unprocessed emotional states. Where are you avoiding feeling whatever comes up for you? Do you use spiritual bypassing to not go into the darker parts of yourself? This card is a sign that there’s something unseen in your system that needs to be dealt with at this time. Allow everything
to come up and flow through you. No need to analyse or figure things out. Just feel. All will be well.