I am love, I am loved and I love who I am.

Usually it isn’t all too hard to feel compassion for someone else. We can feel the pain of our loved ones as if it were our own. We can feel the suffering of people we watch on TV. But when it comes to ourselves, it usually turns out to be a bit more difficult to always have compassion. We might even be harsh with ourselves when we struggle or make mistakes. We often fail to recognise that we need our loving compassion the most.

This sign helps you open yourself to the feelings of yourself and others. To find the incredible love within you. You are stronger than any horror you ever have and will endure. You are pure love in action.

You are loved. All you have to do to be able to feel this, is open your heart and really, deeply connect with it. All love you see in others is a reflection of the love you have yourself. You deserve to love who you are, imperfections and all. (Perfection is boring!) You are loved, just as you are. Take this card as a sign from your highest self, your purity, that you ARE deeply loved for everything that you are. Take this as a reminder to be gentle with yourself, speak kindly when you struggle or make mistakes and focus more on the beauty that you truly are. It is also a reminder to have compassion for those who have lost their connection to Source, for this is an extremely painful experience.