I am the change I wish to see in this world.

We tend to look for gods, deities and gurus outside of our- selves to tell us who to be and what to do, distracted from the fact that WE are the gods, deities and gurus ourselves. We came here with a unique set of instructions that issues through our connection to source, that we are meant to fully embody and bring to life in our day to day experience.

This sign helps you feel your god spark. You’ll feel the warmth and light coming from within, flowing through your body, flushing all fears and awakening the flame that you are. You’ll align more deeply with the infinity that you are.

You are what you have been looking for in this life. There’s so much in this world that does not match with who and what you are that we learn to believe that we ourselves are nothing, not good enough, not smart or accomplished enough. We begin to think that we must look to other, so called more accomplished or spiritual people, to tell us who to be so we are deemed good enough and spiritual enough to then be able to earn our right to be here for this time. Relearning to trust our own nature, our own instincts and our own judgment can be absolutely terrifying. Fully embracing the ability to make mistakes can be so incredibly painful and scary. But don’t worry. You’re doing it. Every time you make a conscious choice from your own heart, your own beingness, you are being led through your own source connection. You cannot go wrong with this. All is in divine order and you’re doing so well, even if you doubt this simple fact.