I dare to confront anything that is not right for me.

Many of us have difficulty confronting others if our boundaries are crossed. We are taught to be nice and not cause a fuss. However, it is getting more and more important to speak up. Say what is ok for you and what is not.

This sign lights your inner fire, the masculine energy, to strengthen in the right place and stand for who you are. You will feel warm, light and powerful energy flowing through your body. Let it move through you and move with it. It will assist you in confronting that which is not in alignment.

We need to stand up for ourselves and confront that which is out of alignment with who we are. This can be incredibly frightening to do if you have been ‘playing nice’ all your life. This card signifies that it might be time for you to start doing this or stepping up your game to shed all the layers of fear and discomfort surrounding confrontation. If you’re not used to saying no, speaking up or setting clear boundaries, practice by speaking up on the small things. You will soon see it will get easier as you have started to incorporate this in your daily life. It doesn’t matter if you do well, it just matters that you do it!