about me

Marco Bot aka Astaran

"My mission is to raise the frequency by unlocking the power in all people so we, the human collective, can fully ascend."

After working as a designer for 12 years, I got into a burnout. I had successfully fooled myself to keep on going. That changed when my girlfriend became pregnant and we moved in together, which also extended my travel time to work. That sum meant that I simply could not afford my very successful way of just keep going on, despite the fact that I no longer felt challenged and was increasingly empty.

I was burned out. The greatest growth arises from crisis. I went in-depth to discover what I really wanted, and the result is that I made the choice to listen en follow my heart!

I made a carreerswitch by following multiple studies which fueled my energy instead of depleting it.

I have my own practice as a lifestyle- and vitalitycoach in which I help people with their health, weight and energy.

Sacred Signs

In August 2020 I received my Awakening, an ascension in frequency, in which I learned to completely let go of all control and surrender (yeah, a part of me died that night). Than I saw many Geometric patterns and I felt the calling to recreate these Signs. I’ve since then learned to “travel” and sense these Signs more and more easily.


  • 2020 – Professional Lifestyletrainer
  • 2019 – Post-HBO opleiding Lifestyle- & Vitalitycoach – MARK Academy
  • 2019 – Shamanism for Therapists – The South
  • 2018 – Energetic Therapist
  • 2018 – Access-bars practicioner
  • 2018 – Wim Hof Masterclass
  • 2007 – Psychology, Antropology, Sociology – University of Amsterdam
  • 2007 – Human Technology – Haagse Hogeschool2003 – Multimedia Design – Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

The Sacred Signs Oracle Deck

A 74 card Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck with Silver Foil Signs. Containing Shamanic, Taoist, and Source connection knowledge.

Succesfully funded and almost ready to ship!

Now available for pre-order